Monday, February 19, 2007

To dye for

There's some white sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% acrylic or whatever, in my stash that I bought ages ago. This yarn is longing to be dyed. Right now I happen to have a couple of beetroots leftover in my fridge, and as K is still on holiday I'm not likely to eat them; I'm just not a great fan of beetroots. However, as I know the color of beetroot (my family are beetroot-lovers. My mom always makes a salad, and I know what her lips look like after such a salad), I thought it might look nice on the yarn. I haven't dyed anything apart from easter eggs before (here, it didn't matter if the color didn't stay on long), and I don't want the color to wash out (too) easily. Is there a way I can make the natural color stick to the yarn without washing out? Do I have to add chemicals, or is there a natural way of dyeing? I heard that back in the olden days dyers would use urine to help make a good color, but I don't want to be this natural. Is there anything I have to pay attention to while dyeing? Or am I just insane, wanting to use natural dye (or dyeing in general)?

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Anonymous said...


just hopped over from the Harlots commentaries - totally agree with our post there. I live near Cologne, just in case you´re interested ;-)

Personally I never tried dyeing myself. I´m into spinning and knitting. Sorry I can´t be of no help.

You might want to check out this site however for information.

She tried it.

Have fun.