Friday, February 16, 2007

I have a problem... I think

Um, I kinda have a problem with the K_sweater. At least I see the possibility of a problem. Now, the pattern - which I'm following, basically - of both front and back calls for a distance from armhole shaping to shoulder decrease of 20cm/7.9in. So far, so nice; that's what I knitted.

However, in order to make sure the sweater fits K in the end, I'm comparing the knit sweater's measurements with a store-bought sweater that fits K quite well. So far everything is going quite well - although there is a little discrepancy and I'm not sure if it will matter or not. The distance between armhole shaping and shoulder decrease on the store-bought sweater is a whopping 24cm/9.4in. Hmmm. Would that result in a great pinch? I don't really want to seam back and front and try it on the living model because that would mean I have to wait for K to come back from his holiday, and I really wanted to finish this sweater as a surprise or at least come as close to finishing as possible. I'm thinking now if I should just go with the pattern, after all the designer put some thought in it. And I really can't remember the exact fit of the store-bought sweater on K, if the armhole area was rather roomy or just normal.

The alternative would be to frog the top parts of front and back and add another 4cm/1.6in... which of course is an extra effort, and I'm not sure if it's necessary. Hmmm... I just had the idea of checking some more of K's sweaters and compare their measurements, to see if there's any difference. Sounds like I came up with a plan! I'll have to do that tomorrow though, as it's in the middle of the night all of a sudden and if I don't go to bed real soon I don't get enough of my beauty sleep (which is much needed). I just hope K didn't take too many of his sweaters with him!

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amanda cathleen said...

I don't think I will be much help here, but do think about what kind of sleeve it is. (set in, sleeve cap, raglan, I can't think of any others!) Some sleeves are longer than others.