Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Needles for cheap

You know what happens when you oversleep? You miss out on a chance of cheap knitting needles. That's what happened to me today. German discounter supermarket Lidl (there's one in the UK, too, different offers though) had knitting needles, yarn and crochet hooks as their special offer today. I went there, and, needless to say, the needles and hooks were all sold out. Damn! That was the only thing I really had wanted to buy, as the yarns were totally unsightly. I'm thinking right now if I should try going to another branch, but I'm not sure if they have any leftover. Is it a waste of time? I couldn't take a close look at the needles on their webpage; it did have the needle sizes listed, but not the lengths for the circular needles.
Oh well, I might just wait till they have such an offer again... which might not come before next year. But then I better get up real early!

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amanda cathleen said...

Sorry to hear you missed out on a good (sounding) sale! If you do order the needles from their site, and not like them maybe you can return them at the store. (Some stores here in the states will let you do that)