Saturday, February 03, 2007


Can you believe it? I finally have a finished object to announce!

finished baby booties, originally uploaded by d.knit.
These baby booties are for my now ex-colleague C. And yes, they are the same booties as in the instructional pictures. I translated the instruction while actually knitting, to minimize errors and to make sure it's easy to read.
Next thing on the needles, or things - plural - I should rather say, are the sleeves for the K_sweater, a baby hat for the same colleague, and everything else that I forgot.

The last day at the office came and went, and it didn't even feel weird. I was there only one day a week, so I guess I might feel a bit strange next week when I don't have to go there any more. The dips were great! I made hommus and baba ghanoush and served it with Turkish flat bread from a nearby Turkish bakery. Everybody liked it, but they complained a bit about the garlic in the dips... hmmm... I didn't put as much garlic in as I wanted because I ran out of it... and everybody knows that garlic's good for you.

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