Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh IK, where art thou?

They did it again... or actually, they didn't do anything, again. The Spring Issue of Interweave Knits is going to be published on Tuesday, and my subscription should have been here by now. I somehow doubt that the magazine will find its way into my mailbox on Monday. I wonder how they first manage to get the magazine here fine (that worked out for 2 issues), and then screw it up. So far, only 2 out of 5 issues got here before their release date. Am I just too demanding? I mean, when I subscribe to a magazine then I want to receive it early, before it's published. Why else would I subscribe? As much as I like IK, but dealing with it being late or going missing almost every time makes me rethink if I really want the magazine at all. I just hope so much that I don't have to wait another 3 weeks after the official sales date for my copy to arrive.

ETA: It's Monday today, and still no IK.


susan b anderson said...

Oh, I hope IK comes soon! It will be worth the wait. I like your sleeve from the previous post. Great stripes.

Mitz said...

Ah, on swedish knitlists this is a ongoing discussion. I think they post subscriptions with ordinary mail and that takes long time. People that has subscribed from some magazine venors in their own country alwas get their magazines first. I guess Interweave send these magazines in a big packet with UPS or some other fast courir company.