Thursday, March 08, 2007

Video Day - Knitting Portuguese Style

... and I thought I knew all about how to knit!

I wonder how she holds the yarn, and where.
There's more to come on Portuguese Knitting next week!


Kerstin said...

Is she knitting with crochet hooks? Hadn't thought of that before!

Elemmaciltur said...

That's actually how Elena (the Romanian girl who's already gone back home) knits. You drape the yarn behind your neck. ;-)

leah said...

Talk about getting into your knitting! Beyond hands, now I'm going to be wrapping it around my neck!

I would like to know where she got the crochet hooks that are smooth along the whole length. All the ones I own have the flat part in the middle!

Anonymous said...

They're not crochet hooks, they're actually portuguese style knitting needles (both the hooked and straight styles are available in Portugal, from what I understand).

As a die hard crocheter, I found it easier to learn to knit, and less likely to drop stitches using long crochet hooks (I found 12" afghan or tunisian crochet hooks in a craft outlet), but later learned that portuguese knitting needles often are hooked.