Monday, March 12, 2007


Not much knitting has been going on here at d.knit. The K_sweater is almost finished; the turtle neck needs a few more rows and then there's the Italian cast-off. I haven't tried this one, I just hope it looks as good as the Italian cast-on! And then there's only about half a gazillion ends to weave in... I'm thinking if I should thread them into the seams which makes the seams go stiffer (or at least that's what I think happens) or if I should just weave them in, running the risk of ends of thread peeking through on the right side. Anyways, the sweater isn't so urgent any more as it's getting warmer each day. Sunshine is nice, but this time we've missed out on winter. It had snow for a couple of days which was good, but it wasn't cold for long at all. The seasons in 2006 were messed up anyways: half a meter of snow in March (which is very unusual for Munich), cold until June/July, a heat wave during the whole month of July, a rainy and chilly August, a very warm September and October, well, until Christmas actually. This winter was actually the warmest since they began tracking the temperatures - 400 years ago.

The new Knitty is out! As opposed to the Interweave Knits Spring 07 issue (that issue was a BIG disappointment... why on earth would I want to knit a thong? Or a strange capelet, that doesn't cover shoulders nor boobs?! Or that bandeau top, merely just a boob warmer? And don't get me started on the new layout!), I like quite a few of the patterns. Isabella for example (just not in that color); I think it uses the same yarn as the Victoria Tank (I still need to fix that!). Or Ester, even though I usually go for more classic knits. I think this one has a special something to it though; oh, and I found out that the knitty photos for this one don't show the actual color. The real yarn is a burgundy red, no hint of purple whatsoever. Morestripes is interesting too, even though I'm not too much into this color and I'd make it a bit more figure-hugging. And I wouldn't want to do the steeking. (I think this is the first time that I've seen a pattern and thought "I love you... now change!", like in Debbie Stoller's Stitch'n'Bitch Handbook) Vestee's cute too; I'd have to make it larger for my nephew to fit (he turns a year and a half in May) because I'd want to make it for his birthday in November. I'm picturing a short-sleeve version with a hoodie, so he can wear a longsleeved shirt underneath... would look cool! I'm also tempted to make Clessidra; they'd be "home stockings" though because it would be a shame hiding that pattern in pants. Or maybe I could bring that large cable pattern to the front as well and make a short version... I just noticed that this is actually the first time that I look at patterns (more than one!) and I change them in my mind, to my likings. Before (before what?), erm, earlier, some time ago, until now (I think that fits) I always either liked a pattern, or I didn't. And for the patterns I liked, some of them I just felt like knitting them because they were a challenge but I wouldn't have worn them; and the others I wanted to make for myself, but that was a minority. I'm picky when it comes to clothing. Shoes are even worse, that's why I didn't find winter shoes this winter. As it turned out, I didn't need them anyways, so I was lucky.

Alright... I should get back to work now (meaning I should get started working before it's officially too late). I know it's Sunday, and the weather is just gorgeous outside right now, but I'm running out of time for my thesis so I really must work. Thing is, the later it gets, the more I'm wondering if I'm still able to make it at all. I'm my biggest enemy in this situation, as my inner voice keeps telling me that whatever I do and whatever I want to write about just sucks. Also happens sometimes when I'm blogging. But I'm working hard on tracking down this bloody voice and quieting it! It's just annoying whenever I'm set back, and right now I'm set back a lot. Oh well.

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