Saturday, March 17, 2007

Italy I like, but casting off in Italian?

Last night I finally finished knitting the K_sweater. Well, for now. I tried the sweater on - oh, why me? You have to know, I have quite a large head. So I thought that would qualify me to test the flexibility and endurance of the turtle neck as I used the Italian cast-off there. The instructions said the yarn I was knitting with should be at least 3 times as long as the piece I was casting off. Okay, that's what I did: 3 times and then some. Guess what!

It wasn't long enough. See the short bit of camel-colored yarn? That's how much I had left!
AND, what is more important, I could not get the turtle neck over my head. I must have sewn too tight... but as I was running out of yarn, this didn't really come as a surprise to me.

So, my plans for tonight are to redo the last bit of the neck, and hopefully get it all done tonight. I still don't feel too great due to my cold, so we're staying in tonight and K is cooking for me. (Yay for K! He's so sweet to me when I'm sick.)
I'll leave you into the weekend with a closeup of the cast-off edge of the turtle neck... hope you can see something!


sandi @ the whistlestop cafe said...

ooohhhh. Don't you hate that!
I am a total beginner, but will be back for more tips.

kris said...

arrrrrgh, that sucks! i can imagine how frustrated you must be!!! hope it's all done by now and congrats on finishing something so big and NICE! I think weaving in the ends would've made me leave it as a UFO! K sure is lucky!