Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Now I see you - now I don't

The other day I seamed front and back of the K_sweater. I used mattress stitch to do so, because it always gives the smoothest results.
It's funny how the seam is quite visible on one side, like in this picture below,

but not so much in this one (below).

Weird... the "perfect" seam is the one I did first. I don't know what went wrong with the other one.

We had the most beautiful sunset tonight. I don't get to see the actual sunset as my lounge room window goes out west, but I always get the light reflections on the big ugly buildings (there's only one in the photos below) - that's the only time of day that makes these buildings worth looking at.
The light on the apartment building was so golden! It was really beautiful because the sky was dark from the rain in the afternoon... such a beautiful combination of dark blue purple-ish and gold!

Only a short time later it looked like this:

A sky for lovers... pink clouds, so diffuse!


Elemmaciltur said...

Die letzte Folge von The Knitting Cook schon gehoert? ;-)

Carola said...

Oh, ich habe mich auch gerade mit Metern und Metern mattress stitch rumgequält und irgendwie wurde es unerklärlicherweise auch imer nicht so hundertprozentig. Aber so gezoomt guckt man ja auch nicht wieder hin, oder? ;-)
Tolle Aussicht, also mit Sonnenuntergangbeleuchtung meine ich.