Saturday, January 27, 2007

Munich musings

My parents came over for a visit today. Despite that it was freezing, we took a walk in the city. The New Synagogue had opened in November 2006 with a lot of media attention, but I hadn't been there before. My parents were interested too, so off we went.

synagogue, originally uploaded by d.knit.

The weather was quite dull, but the building was impressive anyway. When I saw the first pictures of it I didn't like the architecture at all. It's so... cubic. Plus, it seemed so huge in all the photos. But when we were actually standing in front of it, it wasn't gigantic at all. And I really like the colors.

synagogue_door, originally uploaded by d.knit.

We wanted to go inside, but unfortunately the portal was locked. I guess that when the Jewish Museum - which is next door - opens in March this year, the Synagogue will be open too.

synagogue_door close, originally uploaded by d.knit.

The portal was made in Budapest, Hungary, and the signs are the initials of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew Letters, all according to German Wikipedia. It looks quite impressive!

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