Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody!

Over here in Germany it's legal for everybody older than 16 or 18 to buy fireworks, so you can imagine people going all crazy and having their own private firework display... multiply that with a few hundred thousand households in Munich, and you get one giant explosion that starts well before midnight and doesn't stop till 1 am.

Do I have good intentions for the new year? Well, sort of, I guess, but I don't sit down and write a list or something. It's too easy to break them, plus, I'd rather start doing something or quit doing something (or at least try to) when it comes to my mind, instead at a certain date.

In 2006, I promised you that instruction for baby booties, remember? I always had lots of other things to do, but last week I finally managed to finish the translation, the pictures, and the whole thing. So, I thought I'd start the new year with making you a present. Please only use it non-commercially! The instruction was handed to me in German by my friend Christine; all I did was translate it, and I added a little part because it seemed to make sense to me. You're invited to do the same, this instruction isn't engraved in stone, you know.
It would be lovely to get some feedback from you, if you liked the instruction (it's my first, you know!), if you found any mistakes, if it worked for you, how your booties turned out. You're invited to send me pictures of your booties! I could make a gallery of them, and start a bootee count.
The instruction is in pdf form, so you'll need the Acrobat Reader or the Adobe Acrobat in order to open it.

Here you go:

Download PDF here

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amanda cathleen said...

Happy New Year girl! Hope you enjoyed all those fireworks, it had to be an amazing show : )