Monday, January 08, 2007

Raging for nothing

Just before, I talked to my work colleague who's email was cause for all my rage and anger on the weekend. It turns out that everything was just a misunderstanding; she was informed that the babybreak-lady would be coming into the office on Tuesdays, but apparently, she wasn't up to date. Information does not flow freely in this company at all (hence my out-of-the-blue sacking), so this makes perfect sense to me. This means that I can finish my job on the already set dates and don't have to look for a new weekday. It would have been ridiculous anyway, because you can count the remaining Tuesdays I have left in the office on 3 fingers. I really am a patient person, maybe too patient sometimes, but there's a point where my patience ends.

Yesterday, I took pictures of the K_sweater in the bedroom, double-checking with a store-bought sweater that fits him well. The light wasn't so good anymore, but I think you can see enough. Due to the stockinette stitch the sides of the sweater roll in, but the width of the bought sweater and the knitted one are the same. The only difference I noticed was at the arm decrease; here, the knitted sweater is smaller. I need to double-check this with the instruction but I couldn't find my pins and I didn't feel like a long search, so I'll have to do this some other time. Preferrably before I start the arm decreases at the front.


Elemmaciltur said...

Hiya, you've been tagged!

amanda cathleen said...

lucky guy, that looks like its going to be a awesome sweater when your done! : )