Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Aw crap!

This is what happens when you upgrade your layout on Blogger, after you switched to the new Blogger... you basically have to start again.

So please excuse this blog building site, I hope to get everything fixed soon!


JANET said...

I followed a link here from the Blogger Help site. I feel your pain -m also trying to retool my blog after converting to Beta.
Two quick quesitons: first,can you clue me in to how you managed to get the image behind your title?
I tried the suggestions from Vin, and ended up with the image above the title box, instead of within.
Second, have you found any good info on editing code in Beta?
If you prefer to email me, I'm at pegotty@att.net.

Deepa said...

Dorothee.. i see that u are still having trouble with linking th epicturte...My advice is to delete the picture widget (from template edit page) and add the header element there.. then u can direclty addd the pic to the header