Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dear readers,

I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your comments (and I know I haven't done this a lot lately). Things are pretty stressful around here lately; but hopefully, it will all be over by this Friday - keep your fingers crossed for me!
I have decided to post the pattern for the blue baby booties, some time soon(ish) after this Friday. So please be a bit more patient with me!

Yesterday, I took the time to finally go to the post office to send out some baby stuff to my friend in Melbourne, Australia. Her baby was due in August, and I hope everything went okay and they are all happy down under (I haven't heard from her in a while).
The other package went out to a certain someone who reads this blog, so I won't tell any details yet, as it's supposed to be a kind of surprise. Maybe she'll let you know in the comments after she found it in her mailbox (and I expect that to be some time by the end of the upcoming week).

Now, back to Richard Nixon and his foreign politics...

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