Sunday, September 03, 2006

Note to self:

Read the pattern closely before starting to knit (the next patch), so then I might not have had to frog it after noticing that I kept knitting in the Italian cast-on for about 28 rows to far and wondering why the damn ribbing was still not 8cm (3in) long. Knitting can be so simple if you only obey the pattern... (unless, of course, the pattern sucks)

This is what the sweater is supposed to look like when it's grown up. I'm really looking forward to K wearing it! (And me touching the soft alpaka, hehe)

The sweater below is for me, from an old Rebecca magazine. All I've done so far is the gauge swatch; I think I'll get started with this one once I'm done with my summer top.

This little number is from the same magazine as K's sweater. It's one of the very few German knitting magazines that are quite nice (mostly). Usually I don't like boleros because they are something in between, but nothing quite whole. I like this one though, and I'm waiting for the LYSes to get the fall/winter yarns in stock so I can buy some.

I'm out now, off to some knitting and movie watching. Sorry about the picture quality; taking photos out of magazines isn't quite that easy, and I didn't feel like making a big effort when I took them the other night. Better luck next time!


Elemmaciltur said...

OMG!!! That men's sweater.....I <3 it! But that's a lot of colour changes...guess you can carry the yarn on the side anyway with the small stripes...and it's really in right now with this stripe look.

And boleros are also in, too.

Have you read about my Janker dilemma? I'm so feeling like just taking the scissors to it.

Romany said...

Those jumpers all look really cool, i especially like the stripes on the man's one! Are you coming to snb later?