Friday, April 27, 2007

Summer IK

I just found out that the preview for the Summer issue of Interweave Knits is online. And I have to say... meh. At the first glance, it doesn't strike me as that great; but then again, I sometimes need some time to let something grow on me. Maybe I'm still angry at IK for always arriving late in my post box; even the replacements they send take ages (there should be one on the way, supposedly mailed on March 10. Still not here.)

It's May next week, and I somehow doubt that the Summer issue is going to be here in time. Last time when I complained to IK Customer Services, the lady there told me to find out the postal service and ask them why it's taking so long. Hello? I'm used to bad customer service here in Germany, but not in the US!

Apparently, the mailing issue is not a single phenomenon restricted to Germany. I've heard from the same problems going on in Sweden, and in Australia (they seem to have sorted them out, though). So, why doesn't IK go and solve the problem with the postal service? After all, I'm a paying customer and I don't see the point in sorting out a problem for IK in my own time. But, what really bugs me is that IK is able to send out subscription renewal letters fairly quickly - however, if the magazine continues to arrive late I might unsubscribe. Being late combined with bad customer services is going to save me some money.


Mia said...

Customer service in the US is getting bad. Event the US government has really bad customer service. Poor customer service and the design issue is one of the reason why I do not subscribe to IK. And it is not your place to talk to the US postal system. It is their's.

clothesknit said...

I just checked out the preview and it really was kinda meh. Damn! The last few have been less than stellar...hopefully content and customer service will improve!!!

Caroline said...

I get irritated when I head into Barnes and Noble and there's the latest issue of IK, and I haven't received mine yet. Why do I pay for a subscription when the price is the same and then I have to wait???? and my issues don't even have to cross the ocean.

I haven't been that happy with IK or Knitters lately. I've been really enjoying Simply Knitting. They have way more "real" patterns and I like their little stories about knitters. IK and Knitters are trying to be Vogue, BUT I think that many of us don't want the real Vogue even!

What's your Master's thesis on?

picperfic said...

I don't subscribe but get mine from an online yarn store here in the UK and it arrives usually the day after I order it. I just wondered if this might be an option for you once your subscription runs out? Marianne

jacqueline said...

some of the interweave subscribers here in australia have really been suffering during the last two issues. luckily, i seem to have escaped the drama and *fingers crossed* my interweave has thus far arrived on time....but i still think it is appauling and just not good enough.