Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Greens and Blues

The other day K and I had lunch together and then went for a stroll in the Englischer Garten, as the weather was so beautiful. We sat on a bench, the sun shining into our faces, and I found this caterpillar, all tiny and green.

caterpillar_1, originally uploaded by d.knit.

I found it so amazing how it moves, and luckily I had my camera with me.

caterpillar_2, originally uploaded by d.knit.

How huge the world must be for such a little guy!

On Sunday I went to a monthly knit group that meets in Munich and Augsburg alternately. This time, they met in Munich.
I've only been to this group once before, so I don't know too many people, but they had nice yarns! A few of them brought their ball winders, and I took quite a few pictures of yarn being wound (there are more in my Flickr account).

redonwinder, originally uploaded by d.knit.

I love this picture, you can't really see the ball but the colors break through anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know what yarns they were winding.

blueonorangeswift_2, originally uploaded by d.knit.

The yarn above was wound on an orange umbrella swift which made such a nice contrast to the blue color... the yarn was really gorgeous.
I turned the heel on K's green sock on Sunday and am getting closer to the toe decreases now. I still have his sweater to seam, but that's of no hurry now as he'll only be able to wear it next fall anyways. I also want to knit more from my stash - I have some cotton yarns (I think it's cotton) from ewas sockenwolle left that I'm thinking of knitting into sneaker socks. Then there's the Victoria Tank that needs some armpit-unpinching, and some socks for me, and Sockapalooza 4 of course. I can't wait for that! But still: so much knitting, so little time...


kris said...

what gorgeous pictures! i love the blue yarn/orange swift and the teeny tiny caterpillar!!!

clothesknit said...

It looks like an inchworm and I've not seen one of those in years -- very cute!

amanda cathleen said...

hehhe such a cute little guy! Great pictures : )