Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What is it about celebrities that makes normal people giggle like 13-year-old school girls when they notice them?

There are two knitting groups in Munich where I'm going to. One is Stitch'n Bitch, which takes place twice a week and where we speak English. SnB is quite a young, fashionable crowd with lots of unusual knitting going on.
Then, there's this other (German speaking) knitting group that meets once a week; the ladies are a bit older than the ones at SnB (I got adopted by one of them last week, when we found out that I was the same age as her sons. I call her "Mama" now), and this group focuses more on the knitting instead of the bitchin'. Anyways, a little while ago I asked Elemmaciltur if he wanted to come. Well, tonight he decided to join us, and we had a nice time.
After some time, a guy walked into the restaurant and sat down at the table next to ours. I looked at him, and thought he looked familiar (I get that sometimes, and then I can't remember where I know the people from... most of the time, I've seen them somewhere at Uni, but not this time). Suddenly, a movie title popped up in my head (the trailer was on tv lately), and I thought, can it be? Can it really be Benno Fürmann? Turns out, it was.
(Okay, so this might only be interesting for my readers who know who I'm talking about... he's an actor, kinda famous in Germany)
Anyways, Benno was just sitting there, having dinner like a normal person (or should I say like the rest of us?). I'm not sure if he noticed the giggling knitters at the table next to his (okay, only Elemmaciltur and I were giggling), and if he did, if he's used to it.

I didn't have my camera with me, so I didn't even think about whether I wanted to take a photo (K went to Slovenia today and took the camera with him, in case you wanted to know). Elemmaciltur, however, got his courage together and asked him about a picture (and I admire him for that, I wouldn't have been able to do that!)... you can see the result below. For the rest of the story, check out Elemmaciltur's blog. Elemm, thanks for coming! Let's see which star we can get next week to sit next to us and watch us knit.

Elemmaciltur on the left, and Benno Fürmann on the right.


Elemmaciltur said...

*LOL* Yeah, that would be funny if we actually spot another promi next week!

Astrid said...

That's funny, wirklich witzig. Wieso hast du dich denn nicht noch mit aufs Foto geworfen!

LG Astrid

dorothee said...

@Astrid: Ich war zu schüchtern. Ausserdem ist es doch ein bisschen albern... oder nicht?

Astrid said...

Albern? Kann schon sein. :)
Aber hätte doch bestimmt auch Spaß gemacht.

LG Astrid, auf den nächsten Promi-Shot wartend