Saturday, May 05, 2007

Film and Books

K and I are going to see this film tonight... should be interesting. There's a documentary film festival going on in Munich right now until Thursday, maybe we'll find the time to see a few more. Even though we have lived here for a couple of years now, we never went to see a film of that festival. It's not that we don't like documentaries; I don't even know why we never went so far.

Yesterday, I spent half the afternoon hunting down a couple of knitting books on the internet. One is a series of 3 books called "Bäuerliches Stricken" (= rural knitting), and it shows patterns and socks and vests and and and of rural Bavaria and Austria. It's been out of print for a while now, since it had been first published in the 1970s. I heard a lot of great things about these books and almost bought them while they were still in regular bookshops (as opposed to second hand bookshops), as they were (actually, they still are) among the best knitting books in German.
The other book I've been searching is called "Omas Strickgeheimnisse" (= Nana's knitting secrets), and it's also out of print. But I found a bookshop (in Munich!) that apparently can order this one from the publisher. I'm going there on monday, so keep your fingers crossed they told me the truth! And if you can get hold on one of those books, grab one! They're supposed to be really really good; and even though there's rumors every now and then (like last summer) that a new edition is coming out, so far there isnt.

Baudelaire is coming along quite well, I pretty much finished the foot part and am into the heel now. Sorry, no pic, I'm knitting it on dpn's and it's getting harder to try it on.
Baudelaire is also something I might consider making for my sock pal. As for colors, I'm still not decided, but I gave contacting her another thought. I guess that she didn't give me much specifications so that I had some freedom regarding color and pattern, so that's what I'm doing. As for the yarn I still have no idea, but I've only been to one yarn shop (inside a department store) so far. I'll definitely take a look at wool/bamboo and wool/cotton mixes; if I can find a nice color, then I'll go for a mix. If not, then I'll take a look at a 3- or 4-ply wool yarn. Thanks for all your comments, they really helped me! And just in case I'm not making Baudelaire, it's definitely going to be a lace pattern.

Do you still remember this sweater? In this color?

I finally came to sense again and decided it's not a color for me. I like it because it's bright, but I have a pale complexion (sometimes in school, my teachers would ask me if I was sick because I was so pale. But I wasn't sick.) and blonde hair. So, there you go, and now I have 9 balls (I'm pretty sure it's 9) of GGH Solitaire in color #34 sitting around. One ball has been touched as I made a gauge swatch, but the others are just like when the shop mailed them to me. If there's anyone out there wanting to give the yarn a new home and take them off my hands in exchange for a few $$, then email me at


amanda cathleen said...

sure hope your able to find your books girl!

susan b anderson said...

Hi Dorothee,
It's so good to hear from you. I hope you like Hollywood Knits. I have made several sweaters from it. I love your spring photos.
best, susan

Sarah said...

Ah, Munich. I totally miss German yarn shops. I always come back with a bag full of yarn.

Debra said...

Any luck with Omas Strickgeheimnisse? (Nana's knitting secrets)

If so, what did you think?

In the last year I've hunted down Uberlieferte Strickmunster & Bäuerliches Stricken"