Monday, July 24, 2006

The heat is on!

And that's for sure. Yesterday (and on Friday) we had a temperature record here - 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). What did you say, that's not much? Well, I ain't talkin' about outdoors here but inside my apartment. Yep, living at the top floor does have some disadvantages... but the view of the couple in one of the apartments in the block out the back still has their Christmas tree (which has turned into a brownish-yellow by now) up in their living room is priceless. And now, I have no idea what they are doing with this tree... maybe they want to keep it till next Christmas? They sure are environmentally conscious. I think they even decorated it with Easter eggs at Easter.

Rita has asked me about the instructions for the baby booties. To answer your question, a friend of mine has handed it on to me, and she had it from somebody else. It is in German, but if you're interested, I could translate it for you and put it on here. You'd just have to be patient with me, because I have lots to do with the preparation of my thesis, and there's also another paper I have to write (on Richard Nixon's foreign politics).
I haven't been knitting much in this heat lately, plus due to the Uni stuff... although I managed to finish another pair of baby booties in off-white and a rich yellow. They are a different style, more like sandals, and I have to look for some buttons. I hope to get that done soon... although I'm not too optimistic, because other work is piling up, quite a things need to be done in here, and I don't like going to the city when it's so damn hot. But the heat will be on for another little while...


Elemmaciltur said...

Yeah, I know about the heat...I really couldn't find any energy to knit even on my Janker's just too hot to knit. Thank goodness I still can crochet. :-p

Heather said...

Hi - I ran across your blog while surfing knitting pages. I love those adorable, blue baby booties you knitted. If you don't mind posting the pattern sometime (in English or in German), I would love to knit them! Thanks :)