Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book(s) Wanted!

Friends from Australia are coming for a visit in summer. But before they are coming to Munich, they'll be stopping over at the Faroe Islands. Faroe Islands? Exactly - Knitter's Paradise! That's what I was thinking. I recall reading an article or blog post or something about Faroese Knitting, I just don't remember where I saw it.

Anyways, I asked my friends if they could bring some knitting books from the Faroe Islands with them. But then I thought I should make a preselection of books because my friends aren't knitters. Picking the right book for a knitter would be really unfair, wouldn't it? But, are there any knitting books from Faroe that would make a good souvenir? Or yarns or knitting accessories, are there any recommendations? And I'm going to think really hard about that article that I read... I think it was about the pros and cons of modern (aka machine) knitting on Faroe. If only I could remember where it was...


Anonymous said...

good to see that you got your blog back! yay!

ooooo that is awesome! I can't think of any off the top of my head (my children are killing my brain).
Was the article in Interweave by any chance?

bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.