Monday, May 19, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a journalist from a women's magazine, asking if I'd like to make an interview with her. The topic was hobbies in general and why it's important to have a hobby. The article would also feature a couple of women and their "unusual" hobbies, like playing bagpipes, flying a small plane or fly-fishing. Or knitting.

I didn't jump at this interview right away because I was a bit skeptical. A camera team from a big TV station came to our knitting group once, and I didn't like what they made out of the material they got (let alone they cut out my part) because they pretty much let hand knitters look like freaks. So, I inquired about the article's content before I said yes. The journalist, however, seemed like a really nice person and I liked the idea she had in mind for the article, so I did it. And it was fun! We did the interview part on the phone, and then there was even a photo shoot! That one was really interesting - we went to a museum, but they would only let us take photos in the cafeteria after they learned that we brought knitting needles. Like I would have run wild in the museum and attacked the exhibits with 2mm bamboo needles... yeah, right.
The photographer had brought a machine-knit scarf in signal-red and 5 meters (that's about 5.5 yards!) in length, and I was "knitting" on it. There's a photo on the magazine's website, and whoever speaks German can have a look at the June-issue of "healthy living" on page 124. Have fun reading!


bockstark.knits said...

That's awesome!! But it looks *really* uncomfortable holding that huge scarf up and knitting it! I'm glad you took a chance and did it, congrats!

Tracy said...

Such fun...and so nice to see you! Glad you took the challenge and that it was a great experience! Happy Days :o)

Kate said...

Found you again! Sorry but one of our computers fried and I had to trawl through all my posts' comments before I could find your ID and track backwards from there.

So glad you had a good holiday in Melbourne and that you got to see your favourite places again. Are you guys thinking of moving back or is Munich where you'll stay? Did you go to Wondoflex? I don't blame you for not knitting on the flight. The seats are guaranteed to make one's shoulders cramp if one knits.