Saturday, December 01, 2007


unvoluntarily. Seriously. The other day I really wanted to install my camera software on K's computer, so I went to the drawer where all the software disks are and... couldn't find the one for the camera. Nowhere. (But I did find two other things I've been looking for a while) Now, I know that I'm somewhat chaotic and not too orderly, but I always know where all my important stuff is, so I can't explain why I can't find this particular CD. A couple of months ago I took it to my parents' place to install it on their computer, and I thought I brought it back with me. Maybe it's still there... I hope to find it out when I'm there for Christmas. All this computer stuff really sucks! *grrrrrrrrrrr*


Elemmaciltur said...

Have you tried checking the internet to see whether you can download it?

dorothee said...

Yep, I checked that already... unfortunately, it's not a free software - I'd have to pay around 40 Euros for it.

Tracy said...

The computer and all that goes with is all a bit of a mystery sometimes, isn't it? Wish I had sound advice for you...Hoping you're all sorted out soon! ((HUGS))