Thursday, November 08, 2007


to a land Down Under! The tickets are booked for the last week of Feb until mid-March. Yay! I had wanted to take a picture of the tickets and post it here, but the tickets are E-tickets and the travel agent is going to mail them three weeks before we go. Plus, the camera software is still not taken care of on K's computer, so you have to be patient with me.
Today it turned out that my laptop's hard drive is pretty much bu**ered and that I have probably lost all data of the past 4 years. I knew that I would have to buy a new computer, but to lose all that data... I hope I can find a solution to recover at least some of it.

I hope to post again soon, but right now I'm burried in books (again).


Kate said...

Good grief - thankfully the thesis has been submitted or things would be really crappy where you are at the moment!

Can't say whether we can get down south that far ahead. BTW, Tilly and I are having a first big trip together next week when we visit various members of my family. We're driving to Canberra and then flying direct to Adelaide (cheaper and quicker than going via Melbourne). After that we're off to Geelong. We'll only be away for a week. We'll probably come back as buggered as your computer!

amanda cathleen said...

Hope you have a fantastic trip!
Hope your able to recover some of that data, that sucks!