Thursday, December 21, 2006


Finally! The meeting at university came and went, and I went quite well! I had my usual nervousness, but it wasn't as bad as it was before (that was what I was afraid of), and after the meeting I felt that I'm not as dumb that I thought I was. (We had to present the outlines for our papers, which is supposed to be 80-100 pages.) That was the reason why I didn't go to knitting group last night, because I wanted to talk my outline over with K. I couldn't have stayed there with a good feeling, it would have felt like being on tenterhooks. Originally, I had really wanted to go there because it was the last time this year that they were meeting; but this was worth it, as the university meeting was absolutely necessary.

So, that means I can relax a bit now! Although tomorrow is going to be stressful... K and I want to do a bit of relaxing, coffee drinking and freshly squeezed orange juice-drinking in the morning (as well as sleeping in a bit), then we have to go get some Christmas presents (at least we know what we want to get), clean the apartment before we go to my parents' place Friday morning. Plus, I need to wrap some presents (I bought this nice wrapping from Ikea) and make some more cookies. I had prepared the dough already, and I'd like to have them done before Christmas. K might help me, if I get lucky. And the real holiday stress starts on Friday...


Elemmaciltur said...

Hahaha, weisst Du...ich bin gestern zum Zimmer hingefahren nach der Uni...aber da war niemand mehr. :-(

Freut mich, das ueber Deine Magister-Arbeit-Planung zu lesen. :-)

amanda said...

i'm so glad the meeting went well for you!